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Avada will customize your industry website with your preferred design style.

Choose your favorite colors, font types, images, you name it.

Avada Agency

Avada Agency is perfect for creative agencies, designers and other professional services. It features beautiful graphics.

Avada Architecture

Avada & Avada Architecture artfully displays exceptional properties, including residential and commercial developments.

Avada Cafe

Rich and sophisticated, yet still down to earth. Avada Cafe is stunning and and makes you crave a bold coffee.

Avada Charity

Avada Charity is perfect for any organization looking for a professional online presence to help push their passion for a better world.

Avada Church

This beautiful design is perfect for Churches & Non-Profit’s. Features full design integration for The Events Calendar plugin.

Avada Classic Shop

Avada Classic Shop showcases your products up front and center. Features full design integration for WooCommerce.

Avada Construction

Avada Construction provides a professional and distinctive design that is perfect for your construction company.

Avada Daycare

Avada Daycare is perfect for any type of daycare or school for children. The design shines and exemplifies this industry.

Avada Gym

This design is dark and catches the eye. Beautiful layouts make you want to work out immediately to get back in shape.

Avada Health

Avada Health is a perfect fit for any type of medical industry. It has an easy to adapt design for your specific medical specialty.

Avada Hotel

Avada Hotel has a beautiful high end customizable design. Side header layout with beautiful layout sections.

Avada Landing Product

Avada Landing Product is a sleek and smooth WooCommerce one page design that’s perfect for a landing page.

Avada Law

Avada Law is geared towards lawyers & law firms. It has very clean lines and crisp colors for a professional look.

Avada Photography

Avada Photography features a minimalistic fly out header for menu and search. Perfect to showcase your photographs.

Avada Veterinarian

Beautiful and professional design for Veterinarians and the beloved furry friends they so diligently care for and maintain.


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